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Welcome ON board of the ESCAPE IN GAMES!

Are you ready to travel without leaving home? What are you waiting for? Embark on this FREE trip! Ready to Escape INTER Cities in 60 minutes?

Your journey will begin as soon as the following message ends:

“Tourists or Pilgrims? Residents or Tenants?

(our) Cities will be able to visit,

But to Escape, Enigmas will have to get it right,

Otherwise, the City(s) Escape Door(s) will not find it!”

PS: We remind you that this Free Game is just a DEMO(ntraction)!

We hope that the train does not derail, nor do they jump out of the carriage…

"Bon Voyage!"


Number of Players: Up to 5 players

Location: home

Time (max.): 60 minutes

Instructions: Via email

Players can meet in the living room or via video conference (one of the elements logs in to the app, shares the screen for everyone and can "escape" without leaving home).

Product Details

To travel on INter Cidades, the ticket is FREE, but you still have to make your reservation!

So, book your free seat now on this enigmatic trip through Portugal.

The train driver is already IN, so don't miss this train!