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This PLAN is the continuation of the INVICTA PLAN – The Rescue (PART I)!

For those who missed my 1st call (PLAN INVICTA), here I leave you the review of the given subject: my «Students» rescued me from the City of Porto! After that day, together we planned “The Heist”! But, as my old «Students» were very honest, they missed the 2nd call! Therefore, consider that I have already marked the INdisciplinary lack of the PORTO class!

What is your mission in this PLAN? Steal and Escape!

Steal what? Something that is sealed!

At where? In the “Siamese” City of Porto - GAIA!

How? With the help of origami and the rest of the Gang!

Escape IN time? 120 minutes for Professional Burglars, 150 minutes for Experienced Burglars, or 180 minutes for Freshman Burglars!

Will they be able to execute this PLAN before the Police arrive?

PS: If you manage to implement this PLAN, each of you will be able to take an unpaid leave for an INdefinite period…

by El Profesor


Game Language: English

Number of Players: Up to 6 players

Location: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Starting Point: Cais da Ribeira de Gaia (Gaia Docks)

Time (max.): 180 minutes

Difficulty level:  of 5 (high)

La Caixa de Papel: this Game includes a box with additional clues.

To carry out this Game (PLAN CAVES), you will need 1 Smartphone (APP) + 1 La Caixa de Papel!

After purchasing this Game, the box will be sent via CTT to the address indicated by the customer.

"Bella Ciao!"

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El Profesor is testing the PLAN so as not to stain your registration...

PS: This is not a simulacrum, but it can turn into a War!