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Sofia is 12 years old, she's getting big and they say she's not old enough for toys anymore. These, afraid of ending up in the garbage, hid somewhere in the house. To get them back, Sofia must prove that she knows them well enough. And if she manages to get all the questions right, then it means that they are still very much present in her heart. Get ready and use everything you know about animated characters. Throughout the game you'll collect clues that will help you get to the toys.

Pay attention to the time, you only have 60 minutes to find them, don't let them be sad.

Good luck, we're rooting for you!


Number of Players: Up to 5 players

Location: home

Time (max.): 60 minutes

Instructions: Via email

Players can meet in the living room or via video conference (one of the elements logs in to the app, shares the screen for everyone and can "escape" without leaving home).

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Don't go alone on this free adventure, because there are many IN escape toys!