We have an ambitious Project for your Work Team!

From today to a year, we aim to achieve the status of «Unicorn Company».

And as such, we selected the North American market to leverage this Project in question.

In this follow-up, your Team will be responsible for developing and presenting the “IN USA22” Project.

Like? Making everything and everyone an integral part of THIS BRAND!

Therefore, we announce some of the challenges that you will have to overcome to give life and color to your Project:

Create a PRODUCT;

Create a LOGO;

Define a SLOGAN;

Present a promotional VIDEO.

Your Team has 90 minutes to complete this Project.

In the year 2022, I intend to formalize and link (your) BRAND left in the “IN USA22” Project.

And as a way of making the most of your time, you will use the «SCRUM» methodology to help develop all your work.

Good job TEAM!

Signed: The Product Owner


Budgets by request.

Game Languages: Portuguese or English.

For more information, please send an email to

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