Hello, if you are reading this message, it means you are an INVESTIGATOR!

«ALERT: Occurrence of a CRIME in this City! A dead body has turned up in an unidentified LOCATION! Was he murdered or committed suicide? WHO could have done it? With what weapon? And at what time?..."

Investigator, I wish you are ready for this Quest! During your Mission, you will have to overcome several suspicious and/or confidential Operations!

The board of this Game has become the City of Porto! Here at INVICTA, pedestrians always have priority in advancing to the next location! However, only a focused Investigator will be able to gather all the clues and solve the puzzles inherent in each move!

Investigator, are you facing the perfect crime?

Was it you to blame for this crime?

Don't let the evidence slip away, otherwise you'll never hit (n)the TIME!

Let the dice be rolled to start the Game!


Budgets by request.

Game Languages: Portuguese or English.

For more information, please send an email to geral@escapeingames.pt

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