About 2 hours ago, a CARGO Ship loaded with containers arrived at the Port of Leixões! At the Container Terminal, a suspicious case emerged! In the description of the cargo of one of the containers, there was the following message: “Cargo Ready”. That is, the load was not broken down as it would be supposed. As well as its Origin and Destiny, thus creating a certain disquiet among those responsible for this Porto!

Following this event, the Security Plan was activated, which consists of the following procedure: Hold the container until those responsible arrive to clear the container (order) through customs!

Note: They will have to provide proof of its content, if they are the recipient and where it comes from!

Behold, the time has come to join the rest of the Volunteer Team and solve Operation «Running Container»!

They can't let this container escape!

Is the Cargo dangerous? Or will someone claim the rights to this Container?

Whether you have a Driver's Card or not, you are already ON board this Operation!

Are you able to fulfill the Pact to the end?


Budgets by request.

Game Languages: Portuguese or English.

For more information, please send an email to

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