Welcome to Chaos!

The Chaos in this Game, mirrors the Order and Disorder in Life!

Can they exist separately? Your MISSION for this Game is to bring them together in the same TEAM! A kind of connection between Good and Evil, exponentiating the (un)balance of the uniqueness of each Element!

Each Element (Player) will belong to a Team! This team will have a NAME! After meeting your Team and adopting that same NAME, you will be able to start your Mission!

The Team Mission will be divided into 3 PLANS! Each PLAN has a goal to achieve! To successfully overcome each PLAN, you will have to solve the PUZZLE that is (IN)Determined!

So Team, only complete your Mission (I) after solving the 3 PUZZLES!

But don't forget, that the MISSION can CHAOSE unforeseen events until the last instance!

Will it be a Resistance Mission?

Or, a Freedom Mission?

Can you make this MISSION (IN)POSSIBLE?

PS: focus on (IN)Predictable!



Budgets by request.

Game Languages: Portuguese or English.

For more information, please send an email to

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